New Website!

Written by: Mitra Palmer


Welcome to our new website! We are so pleased to present you with a fresh new look and better organized site. If you have been a customer in the past, your information has been brought over to this new site but you will need to reset your password. Unfortunately, order history and wish lists could not be preserved. I'm confident that the useability of this new site will make up for the information loss.

So take a look around, see what's new and hopefully see some things in a new light. With hundreds of more samples and new organization, it's much easier to find the things you want.

As part of our 25th Year Anniversary, we are also running a 20% off special on the whole site (clearance and featured products are even MORE discounted). There is no coupon code required, the prices are already adjusted. This sale will run until midnight EST on April 20, 2023.


Looking for the phase-“A Certain Darkness is Needed to See the Stars”

Helene Tessler

Whew! You had me worried for a sec. Is there a place that I can post a pic of a card I made with your stamp “Crab”?

Dawn DeBlois

Love the new website! Happy Anniversary, too!

Joan Vancourt

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